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Dalston Ponys – Mix 4: NYC mix for F5 Festival

The Dalston Ponys have recently put together an excellent mix for the Motionographer F5 Festival in NYC – check it out below!

The Ponys are taking to the stage at the Motionographer F5 festival in NYC where they will be playing an epic 4hr DJ set at the prestigious after-party! In addition, Radium Audio will be on show at the festival displaying some incredible work, with the found and creative director Andrew Diey heading up the expedition to NYC!

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Dalston Ponys – Live East Die Young

Here is the latest Dalston Ponys mix, Live East Die Young!

Whilst at Radium we are professional sound designers and producers by day, by night we breakdown, edit, re-work and remix many of the latest 12″ releases that we get our hooves on.

The Dalston Ponys vision is to bring back the fun into dance music and create a party atmosphere focusing on the hearts and feet of those on the dance floor. The Ponys like to DJ and perform these mixes live so get in touch if you want to book them!

Dalston Ponys Mix 03: Part 01 – Live East Die Young by DalstonPonys

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