Coil Pickup iPhone and Printer Recordings

We recently tried using a phone coil pickup on various bits of equipment. Coil pickups works by recieving and amplifying electro-magnetic fields which are generated by the circuitry inside electronic equipment whilst they are in use. This can lead to some interesting results, as we found when we used it on a printer/scanner and one of our iPhones!

We’ve got a recording of each, plus a few pics of the mics setup on the appliances.

This recording is the coil pickup mic used on the iPhone:

This recording is the coil pickup mic used on the printer/scanner:

More Pics


Recording Guns

We wanted to capture a “behind the scenes” video to demonstrate our approach at Radium Audio. We shot the film ourselves and created our own alternative sound design for it, as well as commissioning Clemens Wirth to create the After FX you see layered on top.

Dalston Ponys – Motionographer Mix

For those not in the know, the Dalston Ponys are Radium Audio’s very own Andrew Diey and Magnus Arwenhed. They have been slamming some amazing tracks together and their sheer love for the music is evident throughout.

This mix was created exclusively for Motionographer. Here are some comments straight from the Ponys mouth:

Our focus is crafting the music and sounds around a “snap shot.” Imagine opening your window in East London—this is what you would hear… from people’s cars, flats and headphones. It’s not definitive… just a slice… enjoy… the Dalston Ponys 2010.

Radium Audio Mix Nov 10 Motionographer Exclusive by Radium-Audio

Follow the Dalston Ponys on Facebook and SoundCloud.

Radium Audio Showreel 2011

This is Radium Audio’s first showreel, featuring our high-quality sound-design and music work! All the sounds you hear on this showreel are original and have been crafted organically from real instruments and from objects we have recorded in our studios.

Frozen Contact Mics

Getting into the Winter Spirit, we decided to freeze a contact mic and record it as it defrosted.  In order to freeze it, we placed it in a small dish and left it outside overnight, as the Labs aren’t equipped with a freezer!  To speed up the process, near-boiling water was poured into the bowl on top of the ice.

The results were pretty interesting, have a listen below:

Frozen Contact Mic in Ice by Radium-Audio

This was recorded for use in a project entitled “Macro Kingdom”, created by Clemento, which focuses on adventures within the tiny macro universe!

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